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Guangdong car column
Guangdong and HK cars column
With its 10 years of professional experience in deal with Hong Kong express
For you to deal with Hong Kong license plate in handling of trival matters, and to provide long-term after-sales service
Allows you to focus on more important business activities between Hong Kong and the mainland
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Big advantage for you
We in addition to formal channels,We also issued
Value tax invoices


Brand advantage

Formal Hong Kong license plate conduction channel,Strong brand strength,Put an end to the universal existence of chaotic state in the industry。


Price advantage

We ZhiCheng10Years of experience,Shorten the process,Save unnecessary costs and so on。


Speed advantage

We are familiar with the process of guangdong and Hong Kong,To handle relevant formalities,To provide clients with professional services has laid a solid foundation。


Service advantages

ZhiCheng port of ZhuanYeTuan team will make sure customer's application,If not enough qualified we will according to the actual situation of the customer put forward reasonable proposals。At the same time provide the change of guangdong and Hong Kong express、Year of careful extension、To change、The transfer and a series of services,Solve customer's worries!
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Case presentation
service items
1000+A through train to smooth customs clearance,Visible effect!
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About ZhiCheng
About zhi Cheng
Provide the change of guangdong and Hong Kong express、Year of careful extension、To change、The transfer and a series of full service
About ZhiCheng
  Guangdong ZhiCheng port through business co., LTD(The registered capital1000Million yuan)Is guangdong ZhiCheng enterprise group, professional for guangdong and Hong Kong express certificates application convenience service agencies,With our professional、Personalized service is committed to build guangdong through license plate for service brand,For more convenient service enterprises with foreign investment in the province and the private enterprises,My company in shenzhen dahuang、Shenzhen longhua、Dongguan south side、Dongguan humen、A subsidiary company in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui。
  The company has 13 years professional experience to provide Hong Kong express,Familiar with the process between government agencies,And in the process of deal with guangdong and Hong Kong express may be involved in the audit report、Overseas documents related, such as Hong Kong solicitors notarization formalities,Provide customers with comprehensive professional services has laid a solid foundation。
  Guangdong ZhiCheng enterprise development so far,Always adhering to the“Professional wisdom、Good faith for this、Attentively service、Harmony and win-win”The management idea,Focus on market development,Formulate reasonable pricing policy......
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  Each user or enterprise qualification,So deal with deep and Hong Kong registration requirements are different。Can refer to the Hong Kong registration application condition and deep and Hong Kong license plate......To view more>>
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Guangdong ZhiCheng port through business co., LTD
Contact phone number:Mr. Hou 13728296813,0755-83224913
     Miss li ‭13428953261,0755-83224913
Dahuang port:
Futian district of shenzhen futian south road of dahuang customs across the emperor city square3Floor309Room
Shenzhen longhua:
Shenzhen longhua residents xinmao Mellon avenue street officeB3010Room
Dongguan south side:
Dongguan dongguan Zhou Xihong road south street88F: gateway tower201Room
Dongguan humen:
Dongguan humen town people's north road555Number of bao tong to commercial buildings5Floor518Room
Hong Kong address:
Tsim Sha Tsui east and even from the road98No commercial center of the east China sea10Floor1ERoom