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Boom type laser leveling machineKerbstone sliding molding machineCMC circular cutting machineRollerChannel concrete lining machineEngineering special vehicles
Floor construction machineryConcrete construction machineryThe municipal transportation machineryScraper compaction machineryChannel construction machineryEngineering special vehicles
Concrete laser leveling machineKerbstone sliding molding machineCMC circular cutting machineDriving rollerChannel slope cutting machine 
Machine(Emery spreader)Hydraulic concrete vibrating rodThe road cutting machineWalking type double steel rollerChannel concrete lining machine 
Dry mortar leveling machineMobile sand screening machineThe road hair dryerWalking type single drum rollerThe channel lining machine at the grass-roots level 
Epoxy resin mortar paverConcrete vibration machineCore drilling machineRemote control rollerChannel lining finishing machine 
Mobile concrete cloth machineMove the shot blasting machineMobile lighting vehicleGroove compactorChannel lining slitting machine 
The soft concrete cutting machineConcrete chipping machineThe spray dust machinePlate ram  
The floor lift shovel machine Automatic threading machineThe battering ram  
Concrete finishing machine DitcherHydraulic dumper  
The permeable concrete paving leveling machine Hydraulic power station   
Concrete vibration rule     
Laser grader     
Pneumatic shovel     
High pressure cleaner     
    Ruth in shandong engineering machinery manufacturing co., LTD is one of the self-support right of import and export by the high-tech enterprises in shandong province science and technology department、Ipr demonstration enterprises in shandong province、Jining special engineering technology research center。The factory covers an area of10Million square meters,Have a seat2.8Square lines and modular assembly and a combination of product assembly workshop3.6The square of the numerical control processing workshops,16Office building is planning and construction。
    The company sets floor construction machinery group、Municipal transportation machinery division、Scraper compaction machinery division,Design and manufacturing floor、Highway、Railway、Water conservancy、Municipal traffic areas such as small and medium-sized and special construction engineering machinery,Has floor construction machinery、The municipal transportation construction machinery、Compaction shovel construction machinery、Channel construction machinery and air track maintenance machinery five products,With more than 50 products filed patents,Get more at or above the provincial level science and technology progress prize。
    Companies processing and advanced detection methods、Is complete,Advanced mechanical finish machining equipmentThere are large gantry CNC boring machine、Large horizontal nc boring machine、Vertical machining center、CNC grinding machine、CNC edm cutting machine、Numerical control lathe、Nc drilling machine、Nc tapping machine, etc;Advanced sheet blanking equipmentHave a CNC laser cutting machine、CNC plasma cutting machine、Nc flame cutting machine、CNC water cutting machine, etc;Advanced sheet metal processing equipmentHave a fully automatic turret punch press、CNC bending machine、CNC pipe bending machine, etc;Advanced welding processing equipmentA welding robot、Roller roller nc welding, etc;Advanced detection equipmentThere are 3 d coordinate measuring instrument、Large dynamic balancing machine、Vehicle performance comprehensive test platform、Torque measuring machine, etc。
    And the company has always insisted on“With the social development”The enterprise concept,Firmly grasp“The aim of science and technology,Quality for the day”The operating principles,Keep pace with The Times,In order to ground level ground、The city、Highway、Water conservancy、Airport rail construction、Maintenance needs as the guidance,Aimed at top,To research and development with independent intellectual property rights of small and medium-sized and special construction engineering machinery。After several years of efforts,Laser leveling concrete machinery company、CMC maintenance machinery、Small and medium pressure(Compaction)Machinery has become a domestic advanced technology、Variety complete grasp core technology of pioneering enterprises。
    In the domestic,The company's products by China railway engineering group、China railway construction corporation、China water conservancy water and electricity group、China construction group、China communications construction group、Chinese armed police hydropower engineering general contracting qualification of large construction enterprises to choose,With China's highway under construction、High speed railway、Water conservancy project、Municipal engineering、Airport terminal such as national key project,Widely praised by customers。The company producedLarge laser leveling concrete paverOnce and is building China's airports and docks;Channel lining machine equipmentOnce in the middle route of south-to-north water transfer project is widely used;High iron box girder paving leveling machine、The beam surface shot blasting machineAnd with China's high-speed railway is under construction;Trailer type beacon lightingOnce in the south China sea reef contribution in the construction of the light。In a foreign country,“ROADWAY”Has become a relatively well-known brands,Products throughCECertification,In most countries have developed mature stable dealer,The foreign trade business smoothly、Rapid development。
    Ruth in shandong engineering machinery manufacturing co., LTD in the glory of our future development,Continue to carry forward“The customer、Employees、Innovation、Quality”The spirit of enterprise and“Beyond quality made in China、Implement smart in China”The national spirit,For China's small and medium-sized and special construction engineering machinery research and development、To strive for a manufacturing base。
Ruth in shandong engineering machinery manufacturing co., LTD